Woodeck Company Limited was established in 1994, and the WOODECK brand was developed. WOODECK stands for quality and innovative wood products that are crafted to suite the unique needs and requirements of our customers and client base.

WOODECK Co. Ltd has a vision to be a premier manufacturer of quality wood products made in Ghana with a superb hand finish.

Woodeck Co. Ltd. is dynamic in its outlook and is growing with its vast client base in a wide range of wood products including Cabinets, Dressers, Office furniture, Domestic furniture and furnishings.
Woodeck Co. Ltd. has also formed partnerships with other contractors in its provision of quality support in providing Kitchens, Wood Ceiling solutions and wood doors.

Woodeck emphasizes the need for quality handiwork by ensuring a continuous cycle
of training, and a well trained, skilled and competent workforce managed by a structured
management team. Total quality is built into the process flow and this results in a
well-oiled machine of committed and a well-motivated workforce. Woodeck Co. Ltd. also
maintains a range of in-house designers who customize our products to specific client
requirements and specification.

Woodeck Co. Ltd. is proud in setting the standard by which others are measured.
Quality, elegance, value for money and prompt delivery are some of the keys to
Woodeck’s success and delivery of customer satisfaction.

In the horizon, Woodeck Co. Ltd. is looking to share the WOODECK brand beyond the
shores of Ghana, by exporting our exquisitely designed products in the unique variety of
timber only found on the shores of Ghana.